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About me… First let me apologize for the size of my face above, I can’t seem to get it any smaller no matter how much I fiddle with it.

You probably can’t tell from my picture but I am 70% Irish and 29.9% other European. Basically I am almost as pale as you can get. Partly because of that I am not a fan of sunshine,  when I go outside and it is a grey and dreary day, it makes me happier than it probably should. Because of my unnaturally negative feelings towards the center of our universe, I relocated to the Pacific Northwest. I love it here, even though the sun does come out in the summer time.

If we ever meet, these are some of the things you should know about me. While I can be a successfully social person when I need to be, I am an introvert and really prefer the company of animals. It is nothing personal, I’m sure you are a wonderful person. I do not eat carrots in any form whatsoever! I also don’t like sprinkles, which according to Kathy Bugajsky makes me a communist. The smell of popcorn makes me nauseous but it will not keep me away from the movie theater if something is playing with “Marvel” or “Star” in the title. If you have never heard of the Tardis or don’t know who the Doctor is, then it would be better that you keep that information to yourself. While I enjoy all of the Dames, I have an abnormally strong love for Judi Dench, nothing would make me happier than if she would adopt me.

The one thing you definitely can’t tell from my picture is that I have so many stories floating around in my head, I don’t know where to start.  I am hoping this blog will give me the incentive to put them down on paper and you will give me your honest opinion. I fully understand that I will regret that last statement.


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