Reasons Why My Fur Kids Are Just Like Your Human Kids

Expensive, Very expensiveFur kid collage

Kisses, Kisses, Kisses

Toys, Toys, Toys

Silence is Suspicious

Worry when they’re sick

Make the biggest messes

Potty training fun

Lots of pictures

Lifetime commitment

Cuddles, Cuddles, Cuddles

Throw fits when they don’t get their way

Demand your attention, such as crying hysterically while you are trying to write a blog

Give you a reason to get out of bed every morning, cause there is no way you are sleeping once they are awake.

Won’t take medicine, no matter how much you sing” spoon full of sugar”

Pick at their boo, boos, thus the cone of shamecone of shame gif

Put anything in their mouth

No matter how great the toy or treat, they want what their sibling has

Follow you everywhere you go, Everywhere you go

Sometimes you just have to wipe their little butts

You can put a leash on them

Wondering what the odd-looking creature in my logo pic is? This micro animal is called a tardigrade or water bear. It is very tiny, so small it can live inside of a dew drop. The tartdigrade is a survivor, they have been found everywhere from mountaintops to the deep-sea and from tropical rain forests to the Antarctic. Extreme heat or cold, radiation or even the vacuum of space has not killed them. They can go without food and water for 30 years, only to rehydrate, forage, and reproduce. Fossils of tardigrades have been dated at over 500 million years. I couldn’t ask for a better spirit tartigrade

big sis and lil sis

My first post will be short and sweet cause a seven pound ball of energy is demanding my attention. Who could resist that puppy dog face? Not even big sis.

Luna ear 1

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